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Originally Posted by KMIII View Post
Tune would void warranty? I was just told by Mike with Powerchip that the tune would not affect warranty.

"Warranty should not be affected. The dealer should not be able to see that you have any changes in software, and your car will interact with the dealers systems the same way a stock car would."

Thats what I was told. Powerchip has a very good reputation so I wouldn't think that he would say that just to sell his product. Can someone with a tune chime in in terms of warranty?
It will void if you get caught, just like anything else....A dealer can't tell at a glance. But for whatever reason, if someone has a reason to go through the effort of shifting through your ECU's code, and find that code has been changed, good luck having your warranty hold up.

Just saying. The likelihood is low, but I figure you should know that the possibility exists. Just like how my doctor told me that the possibility of me losing feeling in my jaw existed since my wisdom teeth were impacted and heavily infected near my nerves. Did I lose any feeling? Nope, still hurts like a fucking bitch. But he told me about the possibility anyways.