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Originally Posted by Valentino_RS View Post
If you get a full exhaust system, your CEL will turn on and you car will run like shit unless you get a tune or get the Akrapovic "Delete-R". I would recommend you the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System and ESS have a special tune for this system. If you need any parts or question call RENN SPEC ask for Jason.

And never trust a salesman, most of them don't know shit about anything. They will said whatever it takes to get it sold.
Tune and pulley will void the engine warranty.
Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
Your car will run just fine with the CEL on, it definitely won't run like shit. And the delete-r just sends a clear code to the ecu every ten minutes, so if it actually did run like shit, the delete-r wouldn't help you.

Originally Posted by ApathyCSL View Post
Just curious..what else voids warranty? Suspension? Aftermarket carbon fiber? what will and what wont?

Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
I dislike having to give anyone a vague answer, but the only true answer is this: "It depends on your dealership/service advisor."

Technically, no, your dealer cannot void your warranty solely based on the fact that you possess a modified vehicle. But depending on your dealer or SA, they most certainly can try. Put it this way. If you have exhaust and your suspension blows, you'll probably be ok. If you have exhaust and your motor goes bad, depending on your dealer, they may or may not try to void your motor warranty, and if they do, the burden of proof comes down to you.

As an practical example, my friend went to a dealership with 335i that was, with the exception of VMR wheels, 100% stock. The dealer tried to void his suspension warranty.

That being said, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with your SA, and constantly give them 5 stars on their evaluation (This is assuming they DID deserve it.). Nothing they like more than getting paid for doing their job right.