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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I think Alpine White looks a lot better, but it's just a personal preference.

Before I placed my order, I was taken to the rooftop at my local dealership where there was an Alpine White and Mineral White Metallic car next to each other in the sun. Mineral white looks shinier, but the color has a slight yellow or cream to it. Alpine white looks more like a pure white. I'm sure most won't notice the difference, but I deal with color every day in my job so I have senses for that kind of thing. Mineral white does look like a more expensive paint job. The difference is similar to comparing Jet black and BSM.
As an owner of a mineral white 335i, I can tell you there isn't any yellow to it. Infact, according to bmw the Alpine White has a yellow shade to it. Pure white is like the Ibis white you find in Audis.

AW - some yellow hue
Mineral White - silver flakes (hence metallic color)
Brilliant white - flakes of green, blue and red in it to give it a metallic look (this according to a brialliant white M3 owner on this forum)