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I've purchased new BMWs form South Motors, Braman, Vista, and Pines. Regardless of where you end up buying, the experience you have is going to come down to the Sales Adviser. I had a good experience with the internet sales guy at Braman back in 2004 for my wife's Z4 but when I went back shopping for an '04 M3 vert, the sales guy had retired and I was treated like crap by the new guy that was just trying to hustle me into what HE wanted to sell me. Anyway, I made my way North to Vista and found a decent SA but their service department was a nightmare to deal with so when it came time to buy in '06, we headed over to Lauderdale of Pembroke pines where I found the best SA to date (John Swier) and between myself, wife, and brother, we've purchased/ leased 6 BMW from him since 2006. Service dept. has always taken care of me in a satisfactory manor and now my service adviser knows me very well and since he knows how anal I am, he pampers my car whenever I'm in need of service.

My point is basically this, you can have great service and you can have crappy service from the same dealership so it's difficult to answer your questions w/o bias as most forum members probably tend to be a bit more critical of their dealers.

I've built a relationship with this dealership and that's made my buying and service experiences quite pleasant. Try to find a rep that cares about his career and not some schmuck that just starting selling cars because the real estate market crashed.

If they don't treat you right, move on. There are plenty of others that will treat you right and give you a fair deal you can feel good about.

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