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Aftermarket Clutch Stop review

i have gotten a few pms asking me about the clutch stop i have, so a review would be easier.

one thing i noticed after getting my m3 was the clutch engagement. first of all the spring made the clutch not as linear, and on top of that from the position of clutch fully depressed to the engagement point, it was quite a lot of "useless" travel. so it made shifting a bit slower and sometimes not as easy to predict. took me a while to get better, but especially 1st to 2nd shift it was a bit hard for my wife since she couldn't get the point.

after searching for some options, i landed on these stoppers:

i went ahead and order it (14 bucks). it's been maybe 2 months since i had it? and i have been very very happy about the new stopper. my wife is saying the same as well. here's a few notes i have:

1) it's sooo easy to install. i have read on the eas one and looked at the bracket, given the location, angle, it's so hard to put in the bracket, not to mention so many people breaking theirs. the one i got is very easy, simple take out the old one and push in the new one. i didn't even have to take off any panels, i just felt in and took out the old one followed by pushing in the new one, 30 seconds

2) i haven't checked but i believe this one is cheaper than the one from eas (and a few others i found). that was the main reason i decided to give it a try (and i am glad)

3) the clutch travel distance is noticeably reduced. much shorter now, and it's much closer to the engagement point. i don't see any problem shifting (as long as depressed until clutch stops), and there is still a little distance from engagement point. but it becomes very short and very easy to catch

4) downshift and rev match is much easier now because the clutch is so close to engagement point now. my wife tells me she can feel i downshift faster now and very smooth

5) my wife says 1st to 2nd shift is very easy now, much smoother, very natural now. this is something she's been struggling

6) this doesn't affect the hill stop function at all. as long as the clutch is depressed until it stops, and brakes applied, when the brake is released, the car will hold itself

7) i have put on about 2000 miles on the clutch stop, and even in heat like 100 degrees, and i haven't noticed anything wrong with it (getting loose or rattle)

so overall, i am very happy with the clutch stop. easy to install, works very well, and for the cost? it's really a no brainer

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