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Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
So what's it say when you have some of the biggest badasses in the military preaching CrossFit for training.
Depends on your definition of badass.

Crossfit would make me a slow POS for what I train for. There are no high-level athletes using only Crossfit. You can site whatever MMA fighter you want, but I can bet you when it's time to due 5x5 on push press or lunge for 400m, those fighters (and military) aren't doing that shit because the stimulus isn't enough to progress high-level athletes.

Crossfit seems to have a misunderstanding regarding program design, exercise form, individualization/specificity, and exercise science principles in my opinion. Program design is all about properly preparing people for progressive overload and continually adapting to new, controlled, greater stimulus's. If the stimulus is constantly changing (random), the body has no idea what to adapt to. It just doesn't make sense to me but make the choice that is best for you.