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And he shouldn't be the first or last to be banned from the game. If something similar happened in the NFL, like som quarterback didn't have his helmet all the way on and a linebacker sucker punched him like that, then rode his face into the turf, you would not see that player in uniform again, unless the uniform had his name over the front pocket, not across the shoulders.
If the bell rang, and as the opponent were walking to the corner, he got sucker punched and ridden into the canvas, there wouldn't be any more fights in store for that guy, and they get PAID to HIT each other.
I was a King fan, but McSorely is where he belongs, regardless of his playing ability.

Next time you are in the stands, take a look around and see just how many kids had to get there with their parents. Do we need any more violence of that type as they are learning to play by the rules?