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how's everyone doing? my how life goes on, nawaaz really didn't come back, dev's moving into a gt-r, etc...

blake, would love to meet you and your crazy gt-r, are you still selling it?

as for me, working 80-110 hours a week so haven't been able to make a c&c in quite some time but hopefully sometime later this year...been thinking a lot about wheels lately, whatever they are i want them a matte gunmetal/charcoal color, maybe powdercoating a set of ZCP 19's (OEM look, quality), or advan RS, or VM710 for a cheap set...also something about the alloy technic mesh 20's is really pleasing to my eye as well, but not sure i want to go to 20's on my daily driver...p40's too expensive for me right now.

appreciate any thoughts, especially on strength/durability vs price, i drive on some terrible roads over here in uptown and surrounding areas!

ps drive safely and be careful out there, esp at night when people are drinking, or if you ride motorcycles. seen way too many horrible traumas
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