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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
an E30 is a great place to start. if you're looking for a bmw to work on, its the best choice. the enthusiast crowd is big and there are many forums devoted to the E30. to be honest, there are times that i wish i had an e30 instead of my e92. that way i could just tear it apart and turn it into a track monster. GO FOR IT!!!
I actually gave away my E30 last summer. It was my DD up until May '06 when I got my E90. I sold the E30 to my neighbor with 256K on it and his wife drove it for a few years and racked up another 40K miles on it. One day they let their daughter's boyfriend take it down the street to the store (we live out in the country) and somehow the kid managed to put it through a cow fence, which tore up the right front pretty badly (up until that point the car had never been damaged). Long story short - the car ended up overheating at some point and cracked the head. My neighbor sold it back to me for $1, with 295,000 miles on the clock in the spring 2009.

I was going to make it a street racer with a hot engine and suspension, etc., but realized I just don't have the time to do that and maintenance on all my other vehicles. So it sat, and then the mice moved in and ate a bunch of the wiring harness under the hood, and it smelled like mouse piss really bad.

So this guy who did some work on my house with me last year, asked if he could buy it. I liked the guy and he was a gearhead and was really excited about it, so I gave it to him. He hasn't finished it yet.