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Rotors and Brakes install tips from an E90 dude

Rotors and Brakes install tips from an E90 dude!

There are a few things to consider while completing this task. Depending on your car, how long you have owned it, and your tire dust accumulation, corrosion might have built up around lugs and rotor connection to the bearing hub. This corrosion will make stubborn work out of removing the tires and rotors.

Don't be afraid to use some "muscle" on these things!

First- the tires: Once you have it on jacks, with the lugs out...give the tire a few hard heel kicks. This will make the tire fall right off. 

Second- the Caliper Retaining bolts: It took me a while to crack these with an impact wrench even after spraying liquid wrench and hanging on them with the standard wrench for a couple of hours. These bolts had to either be installed by machine or another ye-haw with an impact wrench. 

Third- the Rotors: 
Take the setscrew out and bring out the big guns. Grab your sledgehammer and give a hard whack in this order 3:00,9:00, 6:00, 12:00.This may be the reason BMW specs out new rotors on this change. It will loosen and you need to take some brake cleaner and wire brush to what remains. Spray clean and put on anti-seize fluid all around the bearing. 

Fourth- Sensor install: Keep in mind that the sensor connection is underneath the under-lining of the wheel well. There are 6 bolts to take off in order to have enough room to disconnect old one and connect the new one. You must install this or your warning lights will continue to trip.

The last tip - you may not want to overlook this: Brake Pad install:
The springs on the back of two brake pads are pliable. The EBC Low Dust pads, I purchased for my E90, one of them (1 of 2 within each set) had a spring on the back which was sprawled out so far it would not go into the brake piston. So I bent the bottom one just enough to change the angle slightly, used a vice grip to compress the top springs, and it fit right in. Once it was in there, I then used a flat head screwdriver to bend the spring back to its original position.


2x Centric Rotors - Rear

4x EBC Red Stuff low dust pads

Realistic time: 3 hours - Depending on your tools and help... I would estimate at least 30 minutes per side