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It's all about money folks . It's always a good idea to change oil once a year, regardless of mileage, and regardless of kind of oil used. I don't personally care since I decided to do my own maintenance . Just did my first oil change at 3K miles after the 1.2K service. And yes, I always put at least 10 miles (15 in winter) on my cars when I use them, to allow all condensation to evaporate; otherwise no engine oil is going to properly protect your engine for a year (and even less longer than that). By the way, you could also get an improperly high oil level reading if you allow condensation to accumulate over the months.

New SIB is quite clear to me. Here's my take:

- Drive less than 6K miles in a year (or longer) and you get a free oil change.

- If you drive 6,500 miles the first year, but 5,500 the second, you get a free oil change after the second year.

- Drive your car more than 6,001 miles a year, and you won't get a free oil change until the CBS calls for one, which could be up to 2-1/2 years (6,001 + 6,001 + 3000). That's retarded IMO. Good day gang.