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Originally Posted by BLUE LABEL View Post
I understand it can be hard to look at this subject objectively. Myself included in the mix because there are individuals who are just PURE M enthusiasts and the alphabet seems to end at the letter M. Thats fine but at the same time one shouldnt be blinded by pure faith alone. I am not comparing the 335i to the new m3, there will be a world of difference between the two. But the e46 and the e92, the e92 poses a challenge to the extinct e46. Its those owners who cry louder than any when this discussion comes up. The last gen m3 probably still has the e92, but i think at no other juncture has a "reg" 3 given M owners so much to think about.
I just want to look at it objectively, M3 is a hot car in no way am I trying to start another E92 335 vs E92 M3 thread. Ill probably be getting one in a couple yrs.
THe only reason I state the above is that Ive noticed while driving that the e92 gets more attention from e46 M drivers on the road than other bmw drivers. Ive been tailed by atleast two M's trying to see what the hype is all about. I think the line isnt as clearly defined as it used to be.
Well said.......I think the fact that E46 M owners show so much interest in the 335i kinda of proves the point that the 335i is something to be respected. They are two different cars, my friend has an E46 I have a 335i coupe. We both love the other's car, and we both agree that if we had the money when it comes out, we will buy the E92 M3.