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Originally Posted by dcgolfdr View Post
They will still change your oil Oct. 22, 2010 or after no matter your mileage.
No, they won't. And that's what makes it confusing.

If he's driven more than 6000 miles since last change, but not enough to trigger next "major" service, he will not be eligible under for an annual change under this revised policy even though he will be over one year.

The interesting (to me) hole in this is if your drive 6001 miles after your last change you aren't eligible. As it's written, it implies this means you will never be eligible for a change under their program until your next scheduled service at intervals of 15K, 30K, etc.

So, I drive 7201 miles the first year I get my 2011 out of sheer joy. Then, the next three years I drive 2500 miles per year. In this scenario, I never get to even the first service threshold of ~16200 while under the maintenance plan and it expires with only one oil change in 4 years. Now, that's pure genius!

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