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Hey everyone, lets set the pre-meet at the Starbucks like last year. Which is right next to the South Center Mall. Its the one right next to the Barnes & Notble Book store and Office Depot. Here is the address, 300 Andover Park West, Tukwila, WA 98188. Since we have to get there before 11AM, so lets do the pre-meet at 10AM and leave at 10:30AM.

1. Johnny Lin- AW E92 M3- Johnny- bimmerpost
2. bapesta206- Black E92 M3- David- bimmerpost
3. Beamn46- Black E46 M3- Bryan- e46fanatics
4. Frenchboy - SG E90 M3 - Nicolas- bimmerpost
5. hun77777- SG E92 335i- David- bimmerpost
6. JimmyT- 135i- Jimmy- bimmerpost
7. ironcheflam- Gray E60 M5- bimmerpost
8. cfn101788- TiAg E36 M3-Corey-bimmerforums
9. Cliff.Claven- 2003 E46 325i- Cliff- e46fanatics
10. Shimmy23- Black E46 M3 -Brandon - e46fanatics
11. steel330i- 2001 Steel Grey 330i-Travis- e46fanatics
12. herz3mc - 2002 Steel Gray MCoupe - Michelle- bimmerforums
13. DarthM - 2007 Black MCoupe - Chris- bimmerforums
14. mj23kid- 2007 328i- MJ- bimmerforums
15. erhanh - S. black Z4 MC- bimmerpost
16. wescuhz - 2003 325i touring - alejandro - e46fanatics
17. ACS M3- 2002 Gray E46 M3- AL- bimmerpost
18. jaino66- AW E90 335i- Howard- bimmerpost
19. shep - AW E39 M5 - James - bimmerforums
20. Dreadh4sh - 2002 Topaz Blue E46 M3 - bimmerforums
21. Mookie - AW E46 M3- Mookie- bimmerforums/bimmerpost
22. Montoya- Blue E92 M3- bimmerpost
23. BMW003E- AW E90 M3- Ken- bimmerpost
24. XCELMotorsports- 99" Titanium Silver- bimmerforums
25. hadboosttroy- 2002 M5- bimmerforums
26. MakoBimmer1- AW Z4M Coupe - Bimmerpost
27. Rick Hunter - IR Z4MC - Bimmerpost
28. KM3- E92 M3- bimmerpost
29. Tdog- E46 M3- e46fanatics
30. mickaphely- Silver E46 M3- Mike- bimmerforums
31. million206- M Roadster- bimmerforums (with another 4 M cars join)
32. hansaysso - MB Z4MC - Bimmerpost
33. Dussen - E30 M3 -
34. MPowered88 - E30 M3 - bimmerforums
35. david_lm - M Roadster - Bimmerpost
36. arn671- AW E36 M3- Alvin- bimmerpost
37. WU99WU- Black E92 335i- Mark- bimmerpost
38. ravsm3- Red E46 M3- Ravi- bimmerfroums
39. GREGXXX- Gray E46 M3- bimmerforums
40. SilverE46 M3- White E46 M3- Bryan- bimmerforums
41. Status Quo- E30 M3- bimmerforums
42. benr33tz- E46 325i- e46fanatics
43. Darth Maul- E30 M3- e46fanatics
44. Shimmy23- E46 M3- e46fanatics
45. dem3n- E30 M3- dtmpower
46. steel330i- E46 330i- e46fanatics
47. twoforfree - Black E85 3.0i- bimmerpost
48. ericsmc83- Blue E92 335i- Eric- bimmerpost
49. flyingcesar- Silver E90 335i- bimmerpost
50. RDD- M3 6MT- bimmerforums
51. Minhtri- Alpine White E60 M5- Minh-Tri- bimmerforums
52. jaykalia- E46 M3- Jay- bimmerforums

Originally Posted by Lance Racing View Post
Matt, we're now at 158 M Cars RSVP'd.

We will be maxing out the on-site parking available at Griots Garage with just the M Cars. Any people with non M Cars coming to see the show will need to park off site. There is street parking adjacent to Griot's Garage. M Cars will be arriving between 10:30am to 11:30 am to get set up.

I would suggest non M Cars coming to see the display show up after 11:30am when there will be plenty to see. Besides the M Cars, there is an interesting display inside of some street and race cars from Richard Griot's personal collection. Including a Ferrari F1 car driven by Jilles Villenueve (sp?).

I also understand that Griot's Garage will also be offering 20% off all liquid car care products on Sunday only. They have never done this before, so a good time to stock up.