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Originally Posted by JoosyJoos View Post
You'd be fine with an E30. I've been thinking about doing the same thing.

They're fairly easy cars to work on... parts are readily available and won't cost you an arm and a leg. You just have to search around on other enthusiast forums and craigslist. You'll find what you need--- theres a huge following for e30s.

I can't speak for specific problems since I haven't owned one or seriously looked into it too much but I'm sure some of the other guys on these boards will chime in.
Hmm thats true too...i guess i'll do some research and see what all i can find. I've been considering getting a ford/chevy/etc but at the end of the day it would probably be a lot more fun to work on the E30. I always think you'll do a better job and put in more effort when you care more about something. And if it takes me time to find certain parts, its not too terrible. I would just be working on this on weekends/spare time any way. Its probably going to take me a longg time as it is.