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Late 80's 325iS?

Hey everyone,

So I want to start learning more about cars, how they work, how the engine is put together, etc. I dont really have any prior experience other than some basic maintenance for my e92 and some previous vehicle's.

I figured what better way to learn than to purchase an old car and play around with it, take things apart, and do some restoration on my own if possible. I'm just looking for a new hobby, something I'd like to spend time learning about on weekends, as i already have a full time job M-F.

My question is, would getting an old 325iS (I saw a 1987 w/ 123k miles for about $1900) be a good start? Any problems with it or any other suggestions for cars i should look into that could potentially be a good project car?

Any other suggestions for me, things i might need, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!