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Originally Posted by ellipsis212 View Post
ummm...Michael Bolton? forgive my affront if you're an avid fan, but generally speaking the mere utterance of any random string of syllables that approximate the sound of that name is considered to be, at worst, a decent joke in most languages, let alone the native tongue of the aforementioned crooner.

now it's you who can't possibly be serious. you're talking about 20+ million people in the NYC metro area who, despite popularized media portrayals of self-centered gruffness, actually represent a pretty reasonable cross section of humanity itself.

even if you deduced from my username that i live in Manhattan (which would be correct) then you could only narrow me down to being one of 2+ million people which includes everyone from the homeless to billionaires. you probably could hedge your bet on the likelihood that i fall somewhere in between those 2 extremes given the fact that 1) Manhattan is known to be relatively expensive and 2) i'm clearly active on a BMW forum which would indicate that i probably own a nice car in a city where owning a nice car is a luxury generally reserved for the wealthy or the lucky. however, there is no way that you could have ascertained my general disposition from my geographic location.

i was simply stating that humor is a trait enjoyed by those who understand things well enough to know when they aren't serious, such as those who would catch a "Michael Bolton" at the end of a string of extremely ridiculous claims.

i'm not going to put forth any personal challenges or ad hominem attacks because i stand firm on my own achievements and character.
You are elucidating my point brilliantly! That is nobody here can ascertian enough about you on a written forum to know that you are joking. I stated THE ONLY thing about you I could see was that you were from NYC and that therefore STATISTICALLY you likely leaned left and therefore more likely to be making an at least "jokingly serious" statement if you will allow me to make up a word.

NYC is on anyones short list of liberal/democratic cities in America (google it). That is a STATISTICAL fact, and I never implied that was bad! You read my STATISTICALLY correct statement and decided to use it as a reason to give a rant on the diversity of the city. Which, as above, only further proves my point that nobody can tell you're joking because you could be Donald Trump or RuPaul.

All that being said, based on your unprovoked nature of your statement, its irrelevance to the OP's question and your subsequent anti-republican remark, you've yet to convince me you were completely joking.

In regards to you last statement and in an attempt to lighten the mood, allow me to indulge in ad hominem tu quoque... You started it!