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Originally Posted by Straz M3 View Post
I understand the service due will come on early and show you how many miles you have left before service but should my oil really be a quart low after 1000 miles? Should I top it off with a quart or just bring to the dealer for the 1200 mile service?
Just had the same thing happen to me on my 2011 M3. Definitely havent beat the car or run it that hard during break in and havent gone over the 5,500RPM limit either.

Called dealership and they said they wont do the 1,200 mile service until it is over that mileage. So I bought a litre of oil today but should I not add any oil? I was only going to add maybe 1/4 or a half as I only need 180 miles more for the 1,200 mile service which I scheduled a week from today.

Any help or suggestions would be appreicated guys!