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There are lots of good driving roads in western NC, you just have to take some time and explore. I'm in the Triangle area, and one good road is the highway (forget the number) from Marion heading northwest towards Spruce Pine. Another good road is west of Boone, heading into TN. But I'll warn you, caution is necessary, both for safety and legal risks. On the weekends, some of the best roads can be crowded with car, motorcycle and bicycle traffic. Taking a day or two off during the week is the best strategy. You have to take it slowly through a section of road, paying attention not only to traffic, but road surface conditions, and then go back at greater speed. But these roads aren't secret to law enforcement, and they can be heavily patrolled by NCHP and local agencies. And since hazards can materialize instantly, you can't be crazy. You have to be under control all the time. Don't mean to preach, but I've seen some extremely dangerous behavior on some of these roads. Going off the mountain with a cyclist in your grill is a tragedy to be avoided! If you have no track experience, I would highly encourage a few DE events at VIR before taking any mountain trips, if enthusiastic driving is your goal. These roads are in no way a substitute for the track. Have fun and be safe.