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JUSTINLUV949: Are you serious? DAMN lucky! I got two tickets within a span of two months in the Lake Forest/Irvine area - off Bake Pkwy. First ticket was also a red light, did a rolling stop and took traffic schoo for it. Got my 2nd ticket for going 60-63 in a 50 mph zone. He clocked me at 63 mph apparently. Absolutely ridiculous...

I did request for an extension online and extended a month and a half.

Even though I use a similar template as Kobaiyashi, do you think it's really necessary for me to file for Motion for Discovery also? I was getting confused with that process. I was hoping I can just use similar template and send it my TBWD and call it a day.

I'm assuming it's either the cops responds - I lose, or if he doesn't respond, I win...