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That's not so easy to answer in a short manner. It really depends a lot on what the people moving are looking for? Peace and quiet, jobs, night life, the outdoors activities, theatre, sporting events, climate, etc, etc, etc.

I have lived in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and now, for the past 20 years, in Kelowna, BC. They all have pros and cons. At my point in life, being older, I like the smaller city size of Kelowna (at about 180K for the metro area), the climate (milder winters than many Cdn places, hot summers, and terrific Springs and Falls), and the lack of big city problems and traffic. BUT, there are few jobs here, and housing is not cheap. Most ppl here with money, made that money somewhere else.

I am not a fan of the large central/eastern cities in Canada such as Toronto; but many do like them. Halifax is a nice sized city, but Maritime winters can be rough.

As I said, not easy to answer.
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