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Originally Posted by Georgeair View Post
It should have had way more than just that service. At least one more at 15K, plus possible intermediate oil changes if any of those years were low-mileage. I guess if it's never been to an actual dealer for service those could have been skipped, but given that service is free I doubt that.

You (or the seller) could always ask your dealer to run the service history on it for you prior to closing.
Well it has the regular oil change at the time the CBS has indicated. But I'm not exactly sure if it has the other maintenance done ie. diff fluid change, replace air intake, transmission fluid change, etc. Everything should be annotated under BMW system, correct? If so, I'm going to see if I can retain a copy to see what service they have done so far up to the current mileage. That way if certain things haven't been done will BMW still honor it and do the maintenance right away? Thanks!