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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
And there is no resting in H.I.I.T. otherwise it wouldn't be 'high intensity', as indicated in you in between intervals. It's suppose to be sprint followed by jogging and then repeat. The point is that you're suppose to really tire out your muscles so it has the rest of the day and the following day to recover.
The opposite is actually true. High intensity doesn't mean no rest. High intensity means you bust your ass so fucking much that you have to rest. If you have a HIIT program where rest periods are not planned, you're predominantly training your aerobic energy system which would defeat the purpose of HIIT which focuses on the ATP-CP and lactic acid energy systems. If you're taxing the aerobic energy system, you will largely be fatiguing smaller muscle fibers (type I) and miss out on the benefits of the metabolic boost due to EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
Another great cardio exercise is plyometrics and as girly as this sounds, spinning.
Plymometrics trains the ATP-CP energy system (set should last less than 15s), target the entire continuum of muscle fiber including type IIx muscle fibers, and are used to increase the discharge rate of motor units to improve power production. Spinning isn't plyometric training; it's largely aerobic training with small periods of time in the lactic acid energy system.

Originally Posted by Memphis1 View Post
Jumping Jacks 1 minute
Bodyweight Squat 20 reps
Push-ups as many as possible
Jog in place 1 minute
Hamstring floor bridge 20 reps
Superman 20 reps
High knees 1 minute
Lunge 20 reps
Torso twist 20 reps
Side bends 20 reps
Mountain climbers 1 minute
Wall sit as long as you can hold it
Dips as many reps as possible

repeat until you drop dead
If there is no rest, there is no interval. You're predominantly training only your type I muscle fibers unless you're a beginner and taxing the aerobic energy system.