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Warranty Issues with Exhaust Systems?

So I want to get the Akropovic Evolution exhaust system, but decided to talk to the guy who sold me my car first to see what the warranty implications were (he told me to get a tune and pulley and exhaust when I bought it-said they were the best ways to add power without voiding warranty)

His response was that high flow cats or an x pipe could void a lot of things beyond the exhaust "All the way to possibly the engine warranty being voided. I would only do a cat back exhaust system."

I was wondering what y'all think about this. Can HFCs and an x pipe cause ANY problems with the car? Is this something I should worry about? I just don't want to risk voiding the whole warranty from an exhaust system.

On that note, if I do end up getting an axle back system because of this issue, what are the best sounding systems to look at. I know the best in terms of complete systems but running OEM exhaust with just axle back aftermarket, what do y'all think?

Thanks in advance for any help