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Originally Posted by ZJP View Post
(HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training, for those who didn't know.)

Post 'em up so we can get ideas on new routines, find out what is/isn't working for other people, etc.

Here's mine on the treadmil, total of 25 minutes including my warmup. Incline is set to about 2.5


5 min jog @ 4mph

2 min sprint @ 6mph
1 min rest @ 3mph
2 min sprint @ 6.5mph
1 min rest @ 3mph
2 min sprint at 7mph
1 min rest @ 3mph
2 min sprint @ 7.5mph
1 min rest @ 3mph
2 min sprint @ 8mph

6 min walk @ 3mph

I gradually increase the speed each time making it more difficult for myself so I don't plateau.
You cannot do H.I.I.T. on a typical treadmill because it doesn't go fast enough.

You're suppose to go balls out AKA sprint. The speeds you're using are too slow.

Also you're doing it too long. H.I.I.T. is suppose to last around only 10 minutes and it's suppose to feel like hell afterward.

IE: Unless you're obese, you can hit at least 10MPH easily.

And there is no resting in H.I.I.T. otherwise it wouldn't be 'high intensity', as indicated in you in between intervals. It's suppose to be sprint followed by jogging and then repeat. The point is that you're suppose to really tire out your muscles so it has the rest of the day and the following day to recover.