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China ///M Club 1 Year Anniversary Meet - PICS

8.14.09 marks the first time in china six m3 owners got together in shanghai to meet and greet.

8.14.10 we grown quite a bit since then. 50+ m club members all over china, including myself coming from beijing, started with a morning gathering at the highway onramp with a lighthearted cruise (160km+) down to a recreational park on the outskirts of shanghai.

The selection of paintballing as an afternoon leisure activity seems to fulfill the need for our m owner adrenaline rush. Dinner and lunch was sponsered by our friendly local bmw dealer. At 1.1 million rmb ($170k+ per car), lobster and steak was the least they could do to add on the menu. Lucky draw events also took place giving away variety of goodies ranging from bottle service at the shanghai muse night club to a full car color conversion.

The anniversary continued to celebrate into the night as we drank into foolishness surrounded by shanghai's models and escorts. Sorry no pics collected from this event. =)

I must say, China has changed a lot since I remember. For the better? I'm not sure but for now, it sure is some exciting times.
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