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Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
Listen HIGH SPEED...... first off lets quit with the name calling and accusations shall we. If you cant play like a big boy, then take your toys and play elsewhere.

Now before you repost a quote, you should read the entire post and comprehend it Einstein, before you discount it and call folks liars. I will write slowly so you can understand...

I said I went to the dealership this morning...Got it??? Good.

I did use comfort access this morning (I have NEVER used the key in the car)... no key fob in the slot.... Trackin'?

The Mechanic at the dealer took my key fob and stuck it in the slot in the car... Stay with me here.

He took the key out of the slot and put it in the donut key reader thingy on his desk and all the data popped up on his screen...... Ready for the finale???

The historical data transferred from the the car to the FOB. AAAAAND it had information from this morning on it....... AMAZING, saw it with my own eyes.

Now maybe this data logging is not available on older models (mine is a 2011) but it sure as shit logged and tranferred the data from my car to the FOB.

As far the Branch of service comment, truly fucking retarded. Grow up
It is expected for idiocy to be displayed by members of your branch... retarded? Hmmm... you tracking?

Quit lying and tell the truth for a change. You are trying to convince the people that your car is this miraculous freak of nature that does things that no other Comfort Access car is capable of. Forgive me for pointing and laughing at you for being full of shit.

I call things as they are, nothing more, nothing less. If you don't like it... put me on your ignore list and move on. The fact of the matter is you're a liar and full of shit and I'm calling you on it.

I read your quote and comprehended that in which you stated... Bullshit is all it is.