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Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
There is nothing else to say, I am well aware there are many cars with those options. I'm also aware that you can build them that way on the website. But the fact remains that many sales people are under the mistaken impression it is not possible. That is simply what I'm getting at. This is not simply one uninformed sales person...
You can't make up your own facts. Show me more than the occasional post that asserts this combo isn't possible? I compare that to a fairly good size community of people that ordered and then received SSII/FW without a comment from the sales person.

Now I wouldn't be surprised if the dealer community doesn't spec a lot of them for the showroom. While they're quite unremarkable looking, AW, Blacks, SG with black interiors have a greater probability of being "okay" to the average shopper that wants to drive off with a car that day.