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Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
HAHAHAHAHAHA... thanks, I needed a chuckle to start this dreary monday.

Elitist??? Your kidding right?? I have not insulted you in any manner. Simply stated that the break in requirements for your 335 are different than the M3's. Never mentioned MY M3.... if that hurt your feelings.... sorry for ya pal. Maybe you have some personal issues, but they are not MY issues. Facts are facts...... cant handle it?..... move on

Thanks to high speed here
Elitist... you spoke to me about the difference between the break in on a 335 and an M3. Do you really think that I don't know the difference? The reality is that you haven't the slightest clue as to what I have in my garage. But it's always easier to attempt to discount what another says rather than simply stick to the facts. No personal issues here... just the truth.

And I expect this type of attitude and utter stupidity from... well you get it... High speed with the high and tight . But I'll digress and stop the branch of service chin checking...

Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
I went to the dealership this morning to check the validity of my posts, and I have Comfort access. I have NEVER put my fob into the slot. The mechanic took my key.... put it into the slot, then stuck my key in the donut looking thing on his desk and sure as shit, historical data popped up on his screen. Everything from, Average Speed, Average RPM, top speed driven, max RPMS, and Redline data the last time i filled the tank and how much fuel I put in. HMMMM looks like I was right.

So I guess I will wear my "Elitist Prick" badge for the day.
You are a liar. There is no way in hell that you used comfort access this morning and got an accurate reading on your key fob if you had it in your pocket. Who do you think the people on this forum are? Do you think we're stupid or something? I'm sure you never thought of researching the very point I'm making before hand... do a SIMPLE SEARCH ON "KEY READER". If you really didn't put your key fob into the slot, you sure as shit didn't get an accurate reading... especially not mileage . But hell, what do I know? I only have a 335 and the comfort access on that thing is different no? LMAO... you better wake up! I have no reason to toot my horn by posting all of the vehicles I own... especially not on an internet forum.

Now, would you like to tell the truth for a change and admit that you've made up the entire scenario, or would you like us to continue thinking of you as the liar you are? The choice is yours... If you'd like a clue as to who I am and what I actually own... contact Mathias Hemmer at Pentagon Car sales in Kaiserslautern and tell him that NHodge in Alabama is calling your bluff.