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It's weird how track time comparisons are "meaningless" to a lot of people while it is the same people who say that the M3 is the better car because it goes around the track quicker.

I'm not saying that the RS5 is a better car simply _because_ it's slower around the various tracks. Now I know it's the E93 on the Knutstrop time, but nearly 2 seconds? Anyhow, nearly all comparison test seem to go in the M3's favour and I respect that.

As someone mentioned, I am surprised how the RS5 isn't quicker than the E92 M3. They'be had all the time in the world to prepare and you can't just put it down to the ZCP cos there's no real difference between that and the non-ZCP. In all seriousness, I think they've not taken a step forward - at least tracktime-wise - from the old RS4. At least not a significant one considering the time they've spent.

To say this is typical of Audi is unfair, I feel. The R8 is a very quick car around the track (and they took their sweet time putting a V10 in it). For the RS5 I don't know what they've been spending their development time on. I feel a little sad that the next gen M3 appears to have nothing to compete with except for the current one.

FWIW, Audi seems to be steering into something of a niche-filling nightmare. As CAR magazine reports, Audi now have 35 different vehicle models and are aiming for 42 separate car ranges I fear this sort of over expansion will only dilute the breed. Oh well....