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Originally Posted by Powerslide View Post
I don't think there is any doubt that the RS5 is A) a great car and very fun to drive; and B) very close performance wise to the M3. The inherent problem with the A4/S4/;RS4 and A5/S5/RS5 platforms is that so much weight is ahead of the front axle. As the overwhelming test results show, that is an inherent problem that hurts Audi every time against a more dynamically-balanced car like the M3.

Even Quattro, as technologically great of a system as it is, cannot repeal the laws of physics (and why, once again, for whatever Audi gains with Quattro (great all-weather handling), it loses with handling (greater tendancy for understeer, less ability to perform sudden directional changes/slalom, etc.).

This is exactly why a lot of people were skeptical of the RS5's ability to out-perform the M3 even before it came out...
Hey I like the RS5... I'd be very happy with that car. I almost got an S4 and I would have been happy with that car (but probably not the reliability).

What I don't understand is why people get on this forum and try to bash the M3. It's comical. Prior to my decision to go with the M3, I was on an Audi forum talking with people about the S4, and there was not ONE SINGLE M3 promoter / S4 basher on that site. I guess success breeds contempt, or something like that.
17 M240i - aka fun kid hauler