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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I take it you track a lot? If so are your times dramatically different when conditions are similar. I know I was always very consistent but then again maybe I was just lucky.

Now if you are telling me that different drivers were used then I will concede that the data is less useful as an indicator but even then the difference between two professional drivers is quite slim because these cars aren't stretching their talents. So in otherwords the difference between different days should only be the odd tenth if conditions are similar (i.e. dry).
I actually do track a lot, & I have an Audi as well. Compilations of times are meaningless, we don't even know if they had the same driver. Stop being a sore loser.

There have been 3 or 4 shoot-outs where the RS5 has lost to the M3. All on the same track, same day, with the same driver. Give it up already, you can't get a more controlled test than that.