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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The point for posting the link was to show how much quicker the RS5 was to the C63. I already knew it wasn't the E92. Don't blame me for Fastestlaps getting it wrong.

Everyone assumes that the RS5 is dramatically slower than an M3 based on some of these reviews but I am trying to show that there are other occasions where the RS5 is comprehensively quicker than those main rivals.
Meh, no one's blaming you Footie. And yeah, there may be situations where the RS5 is going to be in it's element--point taken--although I'm still not convinced by the data presented here. I'm just conceding it's a possibility, not that the point has been proven.

I rather enjoy having your point of view around here as it keeps things honest and does provide some good natured fun and interest at the same time. For what it's worth you'd be missed if you were gone. So stick around.