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Originally Posted by ep99 View Post
Just did my 2nd oil change...first one is the break-in.

The warning light didn't come on...i just went in and requested one as i hit the one year mark.

The only interesting thing is that they didn't reset the counter as with my 3-series.

Ask them if it's a mistake and they said no...just come in again and do oil change when the warning light comes on...its currently at 8000 km.

Can someone explain this better to me...not sure i understand the logic...i thought BMW only let you do oil change at a specific interval (every 25000km) or the one year mark... whichever come up first.
The logic is simple:

- if you go a year since the last oil change without tripping the CBS system, you get an oil change because a year has gone by since your last change.

- if the CBS system says you need an oil change, you get an oil change.

The two cycles are not related to each other - the CBS system is used to track a variety of vehicle maintenance requirements (like brake fluid) in addition to the oil change. If they reset it, they reset it for everything that will eventually need service, even if the only service actually performed was an oil change.

So, they don't reset it.

How's that?