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Yes, I will be leasing.

He's a good advisor (I've bought 2 other cars from him), and definitely not a moron (he's quite good at Euro Delivery)'s likely the system rejected him adding the color. Of course, I can push back on this or even look at the two-tone seats that will be availalble with sept builds (black/red, black/silver). Would be good to see pictures of the blac/silver first (black/red is on the frozen gray cars).

I just checked the latest 2011 M3 borchure and sure enough it shows only two interior options are avlaible with SSII - Black and Grey. Hmmmm....

Got to say the color options on the M3 (especially the exterior ones) are really poor. You can get more options on a 335....and I dont want to pay $5k for a special order color on a lease