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Originally Posted by Rochdale Pioneers View Post
Yes, I'm a member of the Labour party and have been since I left school (now 33). My party often gets things wrong and has made some monumentally stupid decisions. But its broad principles - that as a society humanity is a fairer and stronger place - chime with my own. I'm in a well paid job and I'm set for a career that will pay me even more as I progress. So I see that I have a responsibility to the society of which I'm part to pay my taxes and see them help those who work just as hard but have been less fortunate.

I am all for capitalism - its brought prosperity to the world. But it needs to be tempered, for it also brings rampant inequality misery and suffering. Markets have to be controlled and regulated to bring benefits for society, otherwise they benefit only themselves. I spend each and every day trying to deliverprofit for the shareholders of my company. The flip side is the need to pay taxes to pay for all the services a decent society needs which aren't profitable.
Yet the government clearly has not done a good job at it. Your own country's history of currency debasement is a prime example. I think you and most 'liberals' confuse capitalism with corportism. Englands economy is not capitalistic and neither is the economy within the United States. In a truly capitalistic society you would not have thousands of 'phantom jobs' created by malinvestment courtesy of the government (and to think gov't was supposed to help you?).

Do me a favor and spend some time on to get a different perspective of what the government really does to the economy.