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Question on Company collecting Debt off of Chargeback

Hey...I ordered a monitor from Fry Electronics about 6 months ago. It came in defective. I called many times and noone ever picked up. They also didn't have an email address available so I submitted the form submissions asking for an RMA number. I never recieved. The website states they will not accept returns without an RMA. I did a chargeback with the credit card company and told them my story. I did try to make many attempts to return but noone ever answered me. I guess the credit card company felt I was in the right and did the chargeback. Now Fry sent me this email. Can they go against my credit? $78 is chump change to me, however I am not going to pay for something that wasn't working. I hate how big companies think they can scare the consumer by making threats, however as long as they can't go after my credit, I don't care. They can take me to court for all I care.

The note is below:

In reviewing our files it has come to our attention that you
owe Fry's Electronics, Inc the amount of $ 78.42
for a chargeback you initiated on the below mentioned
credit card. Our records indicate that you received
merchandise from Fry's Electronics in the
amount of $ 78.42 .

We are sending you this letter to give you the opportunity to
resolve this debt. In order to resolve this matter
expeditiously, please remit payment within ten (10) days of
receipt of this letter to the following address:

SAN JOSE, CA 95112

If payment is not received, Fry's Electronics, Inc. reserves
all rights afforded to it under the law to pursue collection of
said debt.
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