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Originally Posted by Radar10 View Post
Having just bought my M3 here in Germany, the dealer "I'm pretty sure" said not following the break in will void the warranty. As far as the Demo rides, they have over here, the M's have to have the dealer accompany them on test rides during the break in period. either for the INS company or per BMW. It might be different due to the fact that it is a military program though, although i doubt it. ill contact my dealer and see what he has to say about the warranty.
A Captain Rolled a Demo M3 by the Coca-Cola Plant in Einsiedlerhof... A while back, you were able to take the cars out alone; but you had to sign a waver that you were responsible if you shut down the traction control. At least this was how Pentagon handled it when I purchased my M and wanted to test drive a Demo.

I never followed the break in procedures and ran all of my BMW's in pretty hard. Ask Mathias at Pentagon... . Never any issues and the cars were always amongst the quickest in measured acceleration.

By the way, with Comfort Access... you might be able to get away with not following the procedures... simply keep the key in your pocket.