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Originally Posted by mexicanmike View Post
Maybe this has been asked in the past, but If i can get a detailed explanation of the consequences of an improperly broken in car that would be great. That is to say, what happens if someone doesn't follow the 1200 mile break in period? What happens if they don't break in the 3100 mile process properly? I bought the car used, and it is in mint condition as far as I can tell. The car had about 2400 miles on it, and according to a service guy, who bye the way compared car service records to medical records, the 1200 mile service was done on time, and the battery was changed recently (Didn't make extreme sense, but maybe someone was careless and left a light on). I couldn't get them to release the service records to me, but maybe if I talk to a local service agent I can get them. Anyway, back to the question, what are the consequences of a improperly "broke in" M?
One question, WHY have the service records not come with the car?????.