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Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
Maybe because the "break in oil" is not oil at all, pure penetrating metal lubricant that cannot handle the viscosity of real oil. Dont follow the break in rules if you want to.... just dont forget that that little key fob thingy you have..... stores all the info on your car to include highest rpms, last fill up and top speed you have driven. warranty VOID!!!!
I doubt this very much... lets see some proof.

The engines are run in at the factory, rings take seat within the first 20 minutes of run time... your car has had 5x that by the time you get your hands on it. One of the problems maybe that since they don't change the run in oil and it stays in the engines until the change at 1200 miles they may want you to keep the speeds down as the oil is contaminated.

Things that need to be broken in are the clutch, brakes, LSD clutches... there will be some additional wear in of the valvetrain and gears but really road/RPM speed should make much of a difference as long as you are being sane.

IMO drive the car normally from day one but avoid tracking it or high speed runs for 1500-2000 miles.

BTW bmw will not void your warranty for not following break in procedure, maybe if you tracked the car before 1200 miles... but even then I doubt that would happen. They don't like pissing off customers who just bought $70,000 cars a month before.
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