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Originally Posted by DD GT3 RD View Post
on my porsche...i was told to "drive it like i stole it" and not to do any slow break in...let it warm up properly and once at full operating temps drive the shit out of it. That is what i did. Porsche employee even explained that when they buy back cars, they prefer cars that are driven hard, and not ones owned by grandpas...that the engine last onger, developed less build uo ect.

there are people who believe it is better to break cars in that cars do adapt to driving styles ect...theyre are more in depth reason that got to due to the metals in the engine (pistons ect) shaping.
Thats exactly how my dad broke in his porsche and it runs superstrong today after two year ownership. I'm believing the myth about breaking it in hard, though sadly i was to much of a pussy to break in the M like my dad!