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Originally Posted by Dan135i View Post

Happy he beat the shit out of Silva maybee,...
Silva did what he had to do to get the Win and that's why I take my hat off to him. I also have respect for Sonnen for backing up his words but a Win on the record and walking away with the World Championship is a sweeter sensation than coming out with bragging rights for take downs and control of the fight.

Watch the fight again and you'll see that Sonnen if anything only fatigued and controlled Silva rather than beat the shit out of him. He did manage to rock Silva on his feet but by no means did he beat the 'shit out of Silva'. Silva was still dancing around on his feet at the start of every round.

Silva busted Sonnen's face open and made him bleed. He eventually caught him in a well executed text book perfect arm triangle which made him tap like a Like I said, I respect all fighters and Sonnen is the first person to show any dominance over Anderson Silva. I think this says something about the heart of both fighters.