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Originally Posted by MolanM3 View Post
How do you know it's not made in Taiwan?...
You're totally out of line.

-I've been to Vorsteiner's manufacturing facility. So have numerous other vendors. Your claims are completely unsubstantiated B.S. - we don't need to "prove" anything to you. Nonetheless, you're welcome to drive by Vorsteiner any time and smell the smell of curing resin from the parking lot.

-Are you kidding? Yeah, we'll post photos of how Vorsteiner parts are made so that their competitors can copy their methods. That's going to happen.

-We sure do sell stuff from Taiwan. But never full body panels like a hood or bootlid. For interior trim, some front grills, etc... who cares if it's wet or dry, it's cosmetic. For a hood or a bootlid... different story entirely.
I'll also note that due to molding and equipment costs, injection molded (ABS/PP/PU) products are generally the same quality in Taiwan/China, and cost a lot less. You guys demand M3 style bumpers for $399... Not gonna happen in the U.S. Sorry.

We'll be doing some sort of photo shoot at Vorsteiner in the near future, of course with limited access due to privileged information etc.. But it should be enough to sufficiently cover your face with egg.

Till then, I'm done entertaining conspiracy theories. It's just absurd.

If you don't understand the difference, don't buy it.
If you think it's expensive, I refer you to Ericsson ($7,000 for a hood) or Challenge ($2300 for a bootlid) and remind you that Vorsteiner is actually a bargain for true dry vacuum carbon fiber.
If you're interested in understanding the difference, call us or stop in to our showroom and see what Vorsteiner is all about.

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