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Originally Posted by MolanM3 View Post

I agree with E92M3Guy. They are here to suck your $$$$, NOT your friend.

If you post something like "i am looking for this xxxx" you will see a bunch of vendors trying to sell you this and that.
Caveat Emptor, my friend.
Today, it's law. But originally, it was an economic principle.

Translated to "let the buyer beware," caveat emptor describes the phenomenon by which dishonest sellers will be ejected from the market place by market forces (loss of repeat business, word of mouth, etc.)

We firmly believe in this. That's why we don't sell junk. And we believe it's also why we're continuing to grow after 7 years, when the average shelf life of a start-up in general is 4 years, and in this industry, less than 2 years.

That doesn't mean our primary interest is to be your BFF... no, we are here to sell product. Nobody denies that. However, both economic principles and our own company policies dictate that we will always be forthright and truthful with our customers.

On that note, this company is founded, owned, and run by car enthusiasts. We "get it," so to speak.

We really believe in Vorsteiner product. We run it on our own cars. We've used competitors products, and we see customers come in every day to our shop with the "other" stuff. We can spot the difference a mile away... and that's the honest truth.

Regardless, we'll have some developments coming in the near future that will shed some more light on what Vorsteiner is all about. Sit tight, we won't disappoint.

P.S. For years, I've had an open invitation to any customers who complain about Vorsteiner fitment or quality: "Contact us if you have any problems, send us photos, and we will make it right. We will work with Vorsteiner to make you a happy customer, even if you didn't buy from us." To date, I can think of maybe 2 people who have actually approached me about it. Why is that?

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