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Originally Posted by Cal@Jlevi SW View Post
All Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber products are hand made in their manufacturing and production facility headquartered in Orange, CA.

Not sure what "source" people are getting their information from, but Vorsteiner CF products are not made in Taiwan.
How do you know it's not made in Taiwan? Where is your proof?

A lot of members want to know where exactly is the Vorstiener manufacturing facilities are. Are you sure 100% it's in Orange, CA? show us the proof, is really in CA? I'm pretty sure you guys haven't see their factory neither. If you had seen it, so please post a picture of their factory or ask them to send you a pic of the factory. Why are they scared to post a picture of their factory? there are nothing to hide. If you have no proof, so please stop your BS with their products and promote their company images. It's really bother me and other members from this forums when I see you guys said how good this company is, etc.

Another question for you, why do you guys sell Taiwanese or Chinese made products on your website, when you said they are bad?

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