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Thanks for posting. I'll have to run down to the market and pick one up.

differences between RoW RS and US spec
1. US spec does not get rear bolt-in clubsport cage.
2. US has shaved rear window glass versus lexan.
3. US car only comes with standard 60L gas tank. RoW has option for 90L.
4. US spec has 5mph bumperettes for rear of all 911's.
5. US spec has Amber side indicator lights instead of clear on front.
6. US spec car has standard CF sport bucket seats (folding) with integrated airbag finished in alcantara and leather. RoW has same seats standard but in perlon (fire retardant cloth) with RS script. RoW cars have option of fixed back bucket seats. US cars do not have this option as no integrated side airbags.

The shaved rear glass is a whopping 3 lbs heavier than lexan and includes rear defogger.
The US car is actually lighter since it doesn't have the rear half-cage. Most US owners put in the cage anyways for safety.

The RS tested most likely has A/C, but its an option (US and RoW) to have it deleted. The stereo is also standard and an option to delete.

That being said, the GT3 RS has always been an in-your-face type of machine. its loud and proud. I liked that the E46 CSL was stealthy in silver grey and black but it was a wolf in lesser wolf's clothing. I wish the GTS would be offered in a more unassuming color. Orange is a classic BMW motorsport color so it has pedigree, but this would be the car to have painted in Frozen Grey or Black. It just says M3 on the back which is a nice touch.

The 60-100 and 80-120 times are funny for both cars. i don't know why they would start in 4th while going 38mph. i need to check what rpm's the engine is at. I would never be that low speed in 4th.
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