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How to Change the Roundel Emblem on your BMW

A very easy to do, but effective upgrade to do on your BMW is changing the roundel on the hood. You can either replace an old and faded emblem, or change the stock roundel for a unique look.

1. Step 1

Slide the credit card underneath the roundel (this is to keep the screwdriver from scratching the paint).
2. Step 2

Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the Roundel and the hood. Slowly and carefully begin to pry it off, using light force.
3. Step 3

If the two grommets came off with the Roundel, you can skip this step. But if they were left behind in the hood, remove them with a pair of pliers.
4. Step 4

Push the new grommets onto the new Roundel.
5. Step 5

Line up the studs with the corresponding holes in the hood, and press down with your hand, until the Roundel is flush against the hood.