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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
lol... women have been doing this since the beginning of civilization? its more like women have been oppressed since the beginning of civilization. Following at the turn of the 19th century, they only began to gain more rights and opportunities... why are you fighting for equality when you only fight for it when its in your favor?

and your second sentence kind of implies that women are only after our money and seek tangibles and not love... if thats how your relationships are... your not good at choosing the right girls.

too bad money and morals dont go hand in hand.
Ah, you get the point. Back then they were arranged marraiges, but their parents picked guys from good families. Same concept! Haha!

I wasn't talking about myself in the second sentence. I was offering food for thought to the guys saying it is wrong to go after women with money. Most of us on this site drive brand new BMWs--which is an aphrodisiac for most women. So if you look back, you can probably see occasions where women paid you more attention because you drive a nice car.