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Now onto this fantastic card, i have to say what a great night of fights. From Struves ko, big country taking all that punishment(much respect) to Silvas phenomenal clutch sub in the the last 2minutes of a fight he was getting dominated in.

Sonnen did a great job he backed up all his smack talk and was able to use his superior wrestling skills and takedowns to control Silva and fight his game. As OC pointed out he has a horror history of getting subbed. That gif u put up of Silva in Half guard getting reversed was when i realized theres something wrong. I mean Silva is a tough guy and past that ive never seen Sonnen reverse anybody from that position period.

Sonnen had 23minutes of GnP but his face was more busted up from Silvas 30seconds of stand up. I was in complete shock when Silva got rocked in the first rd and looked as though he could have been finished on the ground. From 2nd rd onwards i knew Sonnen wouldnt finish him, 0 sub skill, he doesnt finish many guys with his GnP,he is relentless pushes a fast pace but unfortunately for him doesnt really have the ko power.

That triangle/arm bar vid you posted is fantastic, those guys break it down perfectly. Personaly id like to see Silva fight Belfort next. If Sonnen can win his next two fights a rematch would be well deserved.

Silva was exposed, Sonnen got to fight the fight HE wanted for 5 rounds and was still unable to win but you have to give credit to any man who can get a beat down for 23minutes and pull off a submission in the last 2minutes to win a tittle fight. Absolute legend and as Dana White said this was a defining moment in the legacy of Anderson Silva

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