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Must be a German car thing then.

Thanks for the tips, but if arm was put wrong, it had to be removed first, so I was curious how easy it pops out. And remember if you loosen the nut, you'd have to mark the original position, or adjustment would be off. That's why maybe installers just pop the arms out, then put them back on, apparently backwards. Take care.
The swing-arm doesn't actually come off the sensor - it's permanently attached. The arms are attached by a rod (two rods at the rear) that end in a small ball joint attached to the suspension member. There's a small screw (10mm hex nut) that comes off to disconnect the rods from the suspension members. It doesn't "adjust" in any sense - it's either attached properly and it works, or it's wrong and it doesn't.

For everyone who said "thanks" - "You're welcome!"